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Looking for an Auburn,

IN Homeschool Group?

Steuben County Homeschoolers is open to all homeschoolers in Auburn and the Dekalb County area regardless of curriculum used, religious affiliation (or not), and homeschool teaching method.  Our members include those who have advanced academic curriculums, as well as those who utilize other homeschooling methods, such as unschooling.  


As a group, we focus on relationships, community involvement, and inclusivity - all are welcome.

Our mission is to foster a culture of connection, community involvement & inclusivity for homeschoolers to develop rapport amongst each other to provide opportunities for growth.

Our vision is to facilitate opportunities & connections within the community, while acknowledging the differences in homeschooling methods and philosophies.  From unschooling to classical homeschooling methods, from faith-based to secular, we are accepting and enjoy a relaxed approach to education and life. 

Our values include community-involvement, connections, and inclusivity. 

Throughout the year, our homeschool group works to facilitate events for our children to learn, grow, and thrive.   Utilizing the best our area offers, we host events within a short drive of places like Auburn, IN, Garrett, IN, Butler, IN, Ashley, IN, and Fort Wayne, IN. 


Our students participate in/with organizations like the Tibbits Young Audiences (youth theatre - Coldwater, MI), Swim & Gym at the Steuben County YMCA, the DASH Choir (Auburn, IN) Tri-State ATA (taekwondo), and many others.  (See our resources page for a list of top notch Angola, IN area resources for homeschoolers.) 

We look forward to seeing you at one of our events or to connecting with you online. (See our JOIN SCH page to connect with our Facebook group.)


If you haven't been able to find a homeschool group in your area, or are interested in joining another one, we invite you to join the Steuben County Homeschoolers group in  Angola, IN.  Located just 20 minutes north of Auburn, IN, our homeschool group is a group dedicated to providing an exciting and opportunity-filled homeschooling environment for our students.

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