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Steuben County HomeSchoolers (SCH) is a group of education-at-home families who get together to both encourage and support one another.  At the heart of our group is a three-fold mission: connections, community-involvment, and inclusivity


  • Connection: We value connection with other families and want to empower our kids (and ourselves!) to feel connected in the homeschooling community in Steuben County and surrounding regions.

  • Community-Involvment: We value community-involvement and supporting those in our community who are working to make Steuben County a great place to live! We want to equip our kids to practice community-involvement, from volunteerism to civic leadership.

  • Inclusivity: We value inclusivity and our group is open to any homeschooling family from Steuben County and the surrounding regions.  We recognize that there is a great diversity amongst homeschooling families, both educationally and culturally, and we celebrate that each family can express itself uniquely!  We feel privileged to live in a free country (and State)!

Steuben County HomeSchoolers is a diverse group as we welcome those from all walks of life.  Some of our families have advanced academic curriculum while other take alternative approaches (such as unschooling) to their home education.  We believe that each family knows what is best for their own children and encourage a safe environment for all.  

Currently, our group does two main things.  First, we share resources with each other.  This is mainly done through our private Facebook page but we also have a list of Web and Local Resources on our site (see tabs above).  Secondly, our group gets together for regular events.  Typical events include our annual Fall Kickoff and our Spring Fling, homeschool skate days at Trine's ice arena, Fun Fridays, monthly game days at Cahoots Coffee, field trips, a talent show, and other similar events.

We invite you to connect with us by joining our group (see JOIN SCH page) and hope to see you at one of our upcoming events!

p.s. If you are nervous about "just showing up" to an event, send us an email and one of our leaders would be happy to have coffee with you so you can learn a bit more about us. 

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